Quality, Standards and the SABS

If you search the SABS website for companies in the Mechanical / Metallurgical industry, the results will include the details of Abracon with a sentence stating; “covers the dimensional, material and finish requirements for 15 types of mild steel nails”.

Abracon prides itself on the fact that our products are SABS approved. Quality, safety and the environment are all very important aspects considered in the entire Abracon production process. When it comes to quality, Abracon not only depend on the standards set by external bodies. Instead, we try to take those standards even further.

Just one example of how Abracon takes standards to a superior level is through our Ferro-Zinc Coated SuperGalv Nails. With the use of DisTeK Thermal Diffusion Technology, Abracon introduced SuperGalv Nails, which are manufactured with the development of special Zinc coating technologies, intended for reliable anti-corrosive protection. This process is also completely environmentally friendly.

Just some of the advantages of Ferro-Zinc coated SuperGalv nails:

  • High corrosive resistance – Up to 1500 hours salt spray testing.
  • Environmentally friendly – Dry, chromate free. Non toxic.
  • Strong adhesive coating – No peeling or cracking.

The purpose of the SABS stamp of approval is to ensure customers that the product they are about to buy went through additional testing by an independent body and thus you are ensured that the product meets all the standard quality and safety requirements as set by the industry.

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