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Expert in DIY projects with knowledge of the world’s best nails, screws and fasteners.
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It is a classical tale. Husbands across the world promise bravely to fix that cupboard door hanging on its last hinge. Finally, the nails are out, power tools charged, dust on the kitchen floor and wives across the world have their fingers on the dial ready to call up the local handyman.

A few doors down, independent women are busy doing it themselves. Hanging family portraits, hitting nails and turning screws for school assignments and creative ideas found in DIY magazines.

Shouts and growls of frustration can be heard across the nation. Skew portraits, failed projects and upside down cupboard doors. A classic tale indeed.

Spike has special skills, acquired over a period of 55 years and for the sake of peace everywhere, he is ready to share those skills with you. Quality products, honest advice, the right equipment and a spark of creativity are all essential “must-haves” for any toolbox.

Abracon’s Spike is ready to take DIY and fixing to the next level. Tips, tricks, DIY secrets, product advice and more are available right here and on Spike’s Facebook page.

Are you ready to fill your toolbox?

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