60+ Years Experience

Introduction to ABRACON

The Abracon brand has been producing quality nails in South Africa since 1958 and is the only nail manufacturer accredited by the SABS for product quality as well as ISO 9001 in 2006. Abracon is the largest nail manufacturer in South Africa. Our headquarters are based in Roodepoort, Johannesburg.

Abracon’s quality products and exceptional customer service have made us the leading brand in the industry. Abracon is also the preferred supplier to the Cash Build group, Essential Hardware group and specialised engineering companies such as MiTek South Africa. We manufacture their complete range of nails and roof screws, as well as specialised engineered nails to customer specifications, where necessary.

Abracon is the only local manufacturer to produce fully ‘coated’ electro-galvanised collated nails, in coil form, to the industry. All manufacturing processes are done in-house to ensure a fast moving cycle, resulting in quality products at all times.

Our Vision

Abracon’s vision is to be the leader in the manufacture of wire and steel nails and other related products. To be the leader in the industry means to provide quality products and outstanding customer service. Our vision includes responsibility to all our stakeholders and to achieve sustainable growth.

Our Mission

Abracon endeavours to exceed customers’ expectations in terms of quality, timely delivery of products and affordable cost through continuous operational improvements, thereby providing spectacular customer service.