10 Things Every Toolbox Needs

Let’s be honest, not all of us can call ourselves Bob the Builder. When it comes to being a handyman, most of us can probably better relate to accident-prone Tim Allen in the 90’s show Home Improvement. Unfortunately, the presence of testosterone does not mean a natural ability to fix and build. A guy somewhere once said that whenever he is nailing or screwing, he knows he will probably screw-up eventually.

When to screw and when to nail is a popular debate and a somewhat confusing dilemma. If a design asks that you use nails, can you use screws instead? Are screws really the “superior” fasteners or are there instances where nails work better? If you are one of the Tim’s among us then do not fear. We compiled the guide below to show you exactly how to fill up your toolbox to ensure you have every situation covered. (Perhaps you are married to a Tim and want to make him feel like Bob? Great! Get him a toolbox and fill it up with the help of the Abracon Nail and Screw guide below.)

Every household’s DIY toolbox should contain the following:

  1. Brass Wood Screws: Ideal for general woodwork around the house.
  2. Chip Board Screws: As the name suggests these screws are perfect for chip boards and softer woods in general.
  3. Galvanised Self Tapping Screws: Bet you know this little bugger. Very popular for duties around the house where a decorative head is required.
  4. Steel Wood Screws: These screws come in handy for general woodwork.
  5. Nail in Plug: Used for hanging small objects on walls.
  6. Brass Cup Hook: Another very useful hook for hanging objects on walls.
  7. Cable Clip Flat: In a world filled with wires and cables, every man needs some of these. Used to fasten cables to walls and floors.
  8. Flat Washers: Used in conjunction with screws, bolts and nuts to increase contact area.
  9. Round Wire Nails: General purpose nail used as a timber fastener.
  10. Serrated Nails: Provide additional withdrawal resistance for general applications.

Remember that Abracon also sells nails and screws in bulk packaging.

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